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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gossip Girl Star Filing for Bankruptcy

Kelly Rutherford, star of the TV show Gossip Girl, filed for bankruptcy this week after a lengthy and costly divorce from her ex-husband, a German businessman based in Monaco, France. With almost $1.5 million reported in legal fees, Rutherford found herself with more debt than she could afford.

She also owed about $350,000 for income tax and more than $25,000 to credit cards. Her total debts are estimated to be over $2 million, and her monthly income is only around $1,200.

If Kelly Rutherford’s situation sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a common story across America. All too often, people find that their income cannot come close to paying off their debts, especially when faced with a long, expensive custody battle in a divorce.  

Many people feel ashamed that they’ve reached a point in life where bankruptcy seems like the best option. The truth is bankruptcy helps many people out of their overwhelming debt every day.

A bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your full financial picture and help you make an informed decision about the best plan to get debt free.

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